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Fortunately, she survived the attack unharmed and carried on her duties, defending Estonia and its reputation abroad to the fullest extent of her position.Wikland, an artist and illustrator, is mostly renowned for her illustrations for the world-famous Swedish children author Astrid Lindgren.A talented illustrator, she applied for a job as illustrator at Rabén & Sjögren in 1953 and was introduced to Lindgren, who had just finished writing the book, “Mio, my Son”, and who could see immediately that Wikland was able to “draw fairy tales”.Wikland did a test-drawing for the book and this was the start of the long-term collaboration with Lindgren, which lasted for decades.Wikland later said Lindgren’s writing made her see inner pictures.In the same way that Lindgren wrote for “the child within her”, Wikland often also drew for the child within her.Kaljurand, the former Estonian ambassador to Israel, Russia and the United States, became foreign minister – and thus a politician – only in July last year.

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We believe this list can only be ever-expanding and when we come around to it next year, it will have many new names.The contact with Estonia is very important to me,” Wikland has said.Scientist Anu Realo is an academy research professor and a professor of personality and social psychology at the Tartu University Department of Psychology.“When I went looking for my own style, I went to Estonia, to my roots, and the next step was Estonian traditional (Runic singing is a traditional way of singing folk songs — Editor). Lukas released her third album, ‘Demimonde’, in 2015.

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I feel this strong connection; it is home, and if I’m not home, I carry home with me; if I sing these songs, I feel connected. The year also saw her awarded with a prestigious Swiss prize, “Werkjahr 2015”, in the Jazz/Rock/Pop music category.

Although she still resides in Switzerland and has very successfully integrated into society – she even featured as part of the Swiss government’s official entertainment series for athletes and the public at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London – Lukas has herself said Estonia was still her muse.