26 year old man dating 16 year old

08-Jul-2020 18:52

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The girl may think this, but I guarantee you the guy is grooming her. It's illegal and sick, the police must be involved. Kick the man in the balls and never allow them to see each other.That she's young and inexperienced about what she wants from life and what is out there in the world. If he is in love with her, then he can wait to date her after she is much older. How could this child's parents allow her to "just be friends" and "go on dates" with a 28 YEAR OLD MAN!!!?I cannot believe your friend is even allowing her to go on dates with a man that age. What other reason would a 28 year old man have to date a 15 year old girl?She needs to tell her daughter to end this "friendship" immediately and if she doesn't, she will call the police and have him arrested. I'm sorry, but no normal and well adjusted 28-year-old man wants anything to do with a 15-year-old.I have a friend who has a daughter that is 15 and she is dating a 28 year old and say's she is madly in love with him and their not having a sexual relationship their just friends and go on dates but the issue is the age. I'd explain to her about hormones and how guys are mainly interested in sex. How in the world does your friend (this child's MOTHER) not understand how wrong this situation is? Totally unacceptable, creepy and sounds like potentially a pedophile. if it isn't happening already/ Oh, helllllllllll NO!!!! That MAN at age 28 sure knows what he's doing though. Shame on him, can't he get a grown woman his own age? That person would probably have resources that would help me. The dude must have something wrong with him if he is in love with a child. She is too young to make decisions like this for herself. If its TRUE love, they can meet up again when she turns 18.Why is he interested in a child instead of a woman nearer his own age? If the relationship with him is illegal, they need to talk to the police.Tell him that this is still a child - goodness knows, she probably hasn't even had her monthly period for more than 2 years - does he like young girls? Men this age aren't interested in a friendship with a 15 year old girl.

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NO mentally healthy 28 year old MAN, has a "relationship" with a 15 year old. A man enters into a situation with a young teenager for one reason and we all know what it is. If he really was a great guy, he would be with a person his own age and not preying on a young teen who is naive and has less than half the life experiences he does.

They get kids into a FRIENDSHIP first, then a special friendship where the child feels devoted to them so that when the molestation starts the child either a) thinks it's okay because of the specialness of their relationship, or b) knows it's wrong but won't tell anyone because they don't want their special friend to get into trouble. Your friend NEEDS to keep her daughter away from this guy and SHOULD call the police! The parents should not permit it and they do not need to allow their daughter to see this man. I can't imagine why the mother needs advice, put a stop to it and don't let the daughter out anyplace unsupervised where she could be with this guy. If this is legal, then the parents need to meet with this man separately from their daughter.

At 15, they can and should know where she is at all times and need to give permission for her to be out on dates. A 28 year old should be able to find plenty of women his own age for dating. They need to have some very straight talk with him.

28 year old men do not date women they don't have sexual plans for, and they certainly don't date 15 year olds.

I hate to be so negative, but THIS is exactly how preditors behave. There is no reason for either of them to date or have a friendship with someone of the other person's age.That having an older boyfriend probably makes her feel more confident about herself and more desirable. Then I'd explain to her that she is an easy target for him because she is young and easily manipulated because of her lack of experience and savvy. She hasn't attained them and she is currently in a lesson teaching relationship that may have bad consequences. I'd have her read all of the responses you receive. I think your friend is just as messed up as the 28 year old man. It doesn't matter what the 15yr old says is happening or not happening.......is a child and she's being manipulated by a sick in the head adult male.

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