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There are many books that delve deeper into the topics presented here, but this is a good general book on the entire process.Once read, an author or aspiring author can look to these other resources for the areas he or she needs more info"The Complete Idiot's Guide To Getting Published Fifth Edition" by Sheree Bykofsky and Jennifer Basye Sander is a very good general overview of getting a book published.Perhaps I'll come back to this later on, root around in the text to dig out the pearls of useful wisdom.More than likely this book would have gotten a higher rating if I had read it when it came out.I felt they provided an honest look at the industry.The book contains twenty-five chapters divided into five parts.And yes, they try to work fiction and its nuances into the text, but it almost always feels like an afterthought and often seems a bit confusing.Most of the examples given apply mainly to non-fiction, such as establishing yourself as an expert in your field beforehand by giving interviews or writing for your local paper.

They even include a CD in the latest edition with sample proposals and query letters which follow the generally accepted formats in the business.

This is not to say the authors don't cover publishing fiction, just that it's neither their expertise nor their focus.

It's like a restaurant meal where the mashed potatoes were great, but the meat just wasn't very flavorful - it's just not satisfying.

These are: Part 1: As You Begin to Write with chapters on So Why Write, Write What, If You Need an Idea Stalk the Best-Seller List, Super-Stealth Market Research Techniques and What's Hot, What's Not.

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Part 2: Submitting to Publishers contains chapters on Submit What, Queries That Sell Nonfiction, Bulletproof Nonfiction Book Proposals, and Fun with Fiction. This part has information and chapters on What's an Agent for Anyway, Finding and Working with an Agent, What You Can Expect from an Agent, Submitting Directly to Editors, Behind Closed Doors, and The Party of the First Part (book contract basics), Next, in Part 4: Working with a Publisher, the authors cover chapters on I Signed a Contract - Now What, Saying Good-Bye to Your Baby, Welcome to the Home Team, Proper Care and Feeding of Your Editor, Maximum Publicity for Maximum Sales, Television and Online Publicity, and Real-Life Publicity and Marketing Ideas.

If you're writing non-fiction, this book will probably be very helpful.