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However, regardless of future information, our political views will always support ensuring that people everywhere have the best information and the freedom to understand and act upon it, as individuals working toward the common good of man.

STAFF MEMBERS Amit Gautam (Spokesperson) - Associated Persons Not Publicly Disclosed Due to the 'sensitive' nature some of the content published on Freedom Publishers Union and ongoing potential of legal threat against our Organization and operations, we CAN NOT disclose the Names, Contact details or the Email address(es) of specific persons associated with Freedom Publishers Union.

Freedom Publishers Union - Editorial Team EDITORIAL PROCESS Our Editorial team is absolutely adamant that we maintain strict editorial and publishing standards and will always ensure our process remains open to public scrutiny, as much as possible.

The following list of websites are our trusted sources of news, information, facts and research material.

We will always ensure we remain non-bias and remain as neutral as possible.Yet, as a representative of the free press, we also have an ethical responsibility to publish content that is in the public interest, regardless of whether its legally questionable according to Donald Trump's media reform(s) or own political agenda.