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28-Dec-2019 22:27

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And remember, anything you type or anything you show with your camera CAN come back to haunt you.SOME people in these chatrooms will have a "PM" with you and SAVE the entire text.It has, like Yahoo, many chat-rooms which you can visit.I rarely make any comments in the rooms but while having lunch or watching TV, I let Eyeball run most of the day on another computer and occasionally take a look at the chatter.You can have the video chat running in a few minutes. Now there is a sort of answering machine addition to Skype: Eyeball Chat from audio, video, file transfer, whiteboard, profile) Yahoo from (text, audio, video, file transfer, whiteboard, profile, various games) Windows Messenger from Microsoft from (text, audio, video, file transfer, whiteboard, profile) Paltalk from Talk Site/ but I have not tried that one.

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Not only that, but they try to send you PMs or "Private Messages." My suggestion is to "DECLINE" all requests for "Video Chat" or "Text Chat" unless you know who is calling you.

For example, "will" and "wi II" can look identical depending on the font being used.

And hey, DO NOT take any of the chatter seriously!!

Once I saw TWO identical names in a Chat-Room; NO difference.

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I did not think that was possible so I copied and pasted both of them into Notepad.

She is in the big house now; turns out she allegedly murdered two previous husbands the same way. In the Chat-Rooms people use a "nic" or a "nick-name." Be careful here too!