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It’s not illegal for a 17-year-old runaway to voluntarily leave home without parent permission.

Since it isn’t against the law, there is no jurisdiction for the police to return the teen home just because they ran away. If they are in an unsafe or unhealthy environment, Child Protective Services has the authority to conduct an investigation and may be able to take action. A problem for the parents is that under MCL 722.3, until the individual is age 18, the parents are obligated to support them unless the court has terminated the obligation somehow.

To say that circumcision is equivalent to female genital mutilation is really saying that it is the same as cutting off the penis! The American people are becoming more and more informed about new medical findings and are responding accordingly.

The efforts of NOCIRC are proving increasingly futile in the USA.

Generally speaking however, if a parent calls up the local police department and tells an officer that their 17-year-old has run away, the police will offer no assistance and do nothing.

Notably, in the 2011 case of Reardon v Midland Community Schools (E.

Laws: MCL 712A.2 – Juvenile Court only has jurisdiction for those under age 17. Ludington described the 17-year-old’s right as “autonomous”: First, some brief attention needs to be given to Michigan law governing the obligation of parents to provide care and support to their children until the age of eighteen on the one hand, and yet, on the other hand, providing children the autonomous right to leave their parents’ home at the age of seventeen. Affidavit of Parentage MI Graduated Driver License A Guide for Parents Illinois Runaway 705 ILCS 405; Illinois Runaway Wards Missouri Runaway New Jersey Runaway If you are interested in finding out about your state’s laws regarding leaving home, please use your browser’s “Edit” menu and then “Find” to search within the comments below, or use Law Refs “search” / “Google custom search” option on each page.

MCL 722.822e – 17-year-old is not a “minor” according to the Juvenile Diversion Act. There is a gap from age 17 to age 18 in the law for situations such as those of the hypothetical.

At the international NOCIRC conference in 2000 in Sydney there were in fact very few participants, reflecting the minority they constitute, and they were largely ignored by the news media they clamoured for the attention of.This is not to say that all claims made by anti-circ groups are invalid.Rather, given the cult-like devotion of anti-circ groups to their cause, any claims made by anti-circ groups should be thoroughly verified by independently examining the empirical research findings.Unlike science, which is based on a utilitarian, meta-ethical analysis, the arguments of the anti-circs start from a deontological (moral absolutionist) position, thus prohibiting any compromise.

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Any research that disagrees with their position is deemed flawed.

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