Alexis dziena dating

15-Mar-2020 11:08

True, Alexis is one of the gifted actresses in the entertainment industry right now, but her personal life was always very controversial. Apparently, the actress had threatened her boyfriend.Her relationship was going pretty good until in the mid-2014, her boyfriend asked the court for restraining orders against his girlfriend. She told him she would harm him and herself if he broke up with her.An additional one-time .95 activation fee applies.Due to the size and value of premium editions there will be up to a .00 surcharge on each date of publication.

She asked for a restraining order against her own father stating he would try to kill her just for the sake of the money she earned.

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From ' E's' crazy, jealous girlfriend on HBO's Entourage to ' Lolita' parading around in the buff for Bill Murray in Jim Jarmusch's film Broken Flowers, Alexis Dziena has played a wide range of wonderfully colorful characters in both film and television.

In the upcoming feature Without Ward for director Cory Cataldo, Dziena plays a deaf girl who falls in love with the man who lives across the street.

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