Am i dating a serial monogamist

15-Oct-2020 17:39

For that reason when I do have a relationship it tends to be on the longer side, 3 months at the shortest and 3 years at the longest since I was 16 or so with a few months to a year between relationships.

I would say the longest I've been single at anytime being about a year and a half and right now going on two years.

I saw her over the holidays, she's just now realizing it's a problem.

Well, my thoughts right when I read the post, is "serial monogamy" bad?

Then moved to Virginia and started dating her neighbor pretty much immediately.

She's oddly independent but doesn't want to be alone and it's messed with her head.

I think that when we find a way to label an ex (narcissist, serial monogamist, commitment-phobe) it detracts from the real issue and the pain of that issue, i.e., the relationship wasn't strong enough to survive, for whatever reason.

I was assuming you were talking about being with someone and within a week your with someone else. From further reading of your post I wouldn't even assume that is serial monogamy. I think it's perfectly reasonable to be able to find someone within a few months or years. If you want to be with someone because you feel that it is right, do it.

Hell, I'd even think it would be alright if you really thought that it was right to be with a different person in a week or two. But personally, I like to evaluate myself and my relationships if they end and try to reflect on them.

You cannot win with these sorts of people, ever - they're temps, not permanent hires.

I've been wondering about this for awhile now because often I hear that people who enjoy being in a couple more than being single have some kind of self esteem problems or fear of being alone and personally that doesn't fit for me.

However, when there is a past history to support the future actions, and it's dark like this, the relaity is she is the key to that string of failed relaitonships.