Amstrad sky box updating system software

16-Dec-2019 22:06

Instead of spending 2 hours on the phone to Sky, just do a soft reset.

Of course, Sky don't tell you about this because they'd rather charge you for a fix or, indeed, tell you something that will lose all your data.

And if all else fails, ya, hit up Sky for a new box.

HOPES THIS HELPS DIY SKY PLUS REPAIR REMINDER - You are responsable for any repairs or actions taken to repair your SKY equipment Stage One - "Full System Reset" 1. Remove Sky Plus Box "Mains Cable" - (either from wall socket or back of Sky Box) 2. Remain holding the "Left and Right Arrow Buttons" for around 30 seconds 5. Now the System will "Format the Hard Drive" - The "Green Sky Ring" will now spin backwards 9.

If your TV is connected to the Sky Box, the following message will be displayed "Updating System Software" 7. Allow the system upto 15 minutes, and then it will turn off 9. Hopefully all recording problems are resolved - If not you'll have to call Sky, and they'll promise to repair or replace it for ?

65 SPECIAL NOTE - If the following message is displayed - "Recording Interupted" - when recording or live pause is attempted: 9 times out of 10 it means the "Sky viewing Card" IS paired with a Sky Plus Box - Just not the one your using!!!

Of course, if your Sky box has blown up or you've poured 3 litres of Apple Sourz into it, it may be beyond repair, but otherwise, let us try and help you out.

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Basically, this resets your hard drive settings and should solve the problem. There's a number of reasons that this happens to your Sky box. The important thing is that you might be under the impression that your Skybox is dead and you need a new one, when that isn't necessarily the case.

e) Now, wait 10 minutes (don't skimp on this) or wait until the lights go out, then turn your Skybox on from the remote.

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