Android disable automatic updating for all apps

02-Jun-2020 18:24

Of course, there's a built-in native way to prevent a certain app from getting updated but it's a bit hidden away from plain sight and could easily evade your grasp. Now disabling app updates is super-easy and can be done from this screen alone. Of course, as most things Android, the most important options are tucked away beneath the three-dot menu in the top right corner.Simply untick the default state of automatically updating the app and you're good to go.Is there a way to disable the listing of Google Maps in "Updates"? I don't think you can disable that display in Google Play.It knows what apps you have and will let you know when there is an update for them, whether you want to know or not! Originally Posted by speedlever I don't think you can disable that display in Google Play. But the new version of the app is not working for me and if I hit the updated-all button on accident, I have to reverse the app again. Up until a day or two ago, I found the same thing - I could hit the soft menu button in the Play Store, and there would be an option to check or uncheck Auto-Update for that specific App.But I just checked again, wanting to take advantage of that, and it didn't come up any more.Thanks for any answers at this point, and this is my first post here btw, please be kind.I found this thread looking for a way to selectively disable auto-update.

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One could then simply hit the Update All (for the group) button and it would update ONLY the apps that were auto update enabled.

Having all of your apps updated to the latest version is usually recommended as developers strive to provide a more pleasing and issue-free experience to users, but sometimes, just sometimes, there's some incentive to not update a certain app.

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