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The work has been divided into tzvo parts, in order to keep the lines of the Trim- bles in a more compact form, believing this will give the best satisfaction. The present building was then erected being considerably enlarged; the right-hand portion with its door as a centre represents the original brick building. 44 Perclies forming a very commodious and beautiful site.

Explanations It is the hope of the writer that the plan which has been followed is such [that all can understand it, yet a few observations may be of service. John Mendenhall (Seal) Sealed & delivered in the p'sents of Caleb Pusey. Acknowledged in open Court and conflsied under the clarks hand and county seal this fourteenth day of December Annoq Donii Ifi HT. The nature or any description of these original buildings has not been discovered In 1728 a brick meeting house was erected; which stood until 1788 when it was at least partially destroyed by fire.

When a small figure thus "' is attached to the right of a name, it indicates that the person belongs to that generation. "To that young land their needful aid Helped to achieve results sublime, And each progressive step they made Has left its mark for coming time. Their faith no narrow creed confined; And we Inherit from such sires Full right to freedom of the mind.

The occupation and ad- dress always refer to the husband when the numbered name is a married wo- man, and in other cases to the numbered name, unless specially stated. "They came not here to carve a name On Honor's tablet high and grand: Their humble works, unknown to Fame, Still live and bless their chosen land.

The first official record of the meeting is 17th of First month (March O.

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S.) 1684; the meetings being held for some time at the houses of Friends until they could afford to build their meeting house The first land for the meeting house and grave yard was conveyed as follows (See also accompanying illustration) "Know all men by these presents That John Mendenhall of the Township of Con- cord in the County of Chester yomn for the consideration of five shillings currant money of pensilvania To him payd by Nicholas Newlin Nicholas Pile both of the sd township yom" George Peirce of the township of Thornbury iu the sd County Yomn & Peter Dix of Burmingham in the County aforesd yom"- The Receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge. Marriage Certificate of George Pearce and Ann Gainer (T. In the work herewith presented the author has not preceded the settlement of Pennsylvania, excepting by an occasional note that has fallen into his hands, or to discover the origin of some of tlie principal surnames connected with its progress. "And where they sleep small flowers bloom, That scarcely catch the passer's gaze: It was their wish no flaunting tomb Should be emblazoned with their praise."— JACOB PAINTER. Gibbon in his "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, ' chap. »«***« "Then longe folks to go on pilgrimages "And palmers for to seeke strange strands "To feme hallows couth in sundry lands; Prom Spencer's "Fairie Queene we extract — Rook 2, Canto 1 — "Him als acompany'd upon the way "A comely Palmer clad in black attire; Of ripest years and hairs all hoarie gray "That with a staff his feeble limbs did stlre "Lest his long way his aged limbs should tirr, "And if by looks one may the mind aread, "He seemed to be a sage and sober sire. — Sir Walter Scott — "Here is a Holy Palmer come, "From 'Salem first, and last from Rome: "One that liath kissed the blessed tomb "And visited each holy shrine "In Araby and Palestine; "On hills of Armenia hath been "Where Noah's ark may yet be seen; "By that Red Sea, too, hath he trode, "Which parted at the prophet's rod; "In Sinai's wilderness he saw "The mount where Israel heard the law "Mid thunder-dint and flashing levin "And shadows, mists and darkness given." Extract from "The Palmer" by Felicia Hemans — "Art thou come from the far-oft land at last? "Thou art come to a home whence the smile has passed, "With the merry voice of song. "I have brought but the palm branch in my hand "Yet I call not my bright youth lost!

57, gives this record: "About thirty years before the Crusade (1064) the archbishop of Mentz with the bishops Utrecht, Bamberg and Retisbon undertook the laborious journey from the Rhine to the Jordan and the multitude of their followers amounted to seven thousand. From Shakespeare we have — "My sceptre for a Palmer's walking staff." King Richard 2nd, Act 3; scene 3. "Say what hast thou brought from the distant shore "For thy wasted youth to pay? "I have won but high thought in the Holy Land, "Yet I count not too dear the cost!

TOHSJ GIBBONS BETHEL HOB'T SODTHKHY' ROH'T PTLE ANCIENT MAP OF CONCOKD AND VICINITY. In witness hereof he hath hereunto Set his hand this the Thirteenth day of December Ano D'm 1697.

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