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Ronald Reagan selected George as his running mate in the 1980 presidential election, and the couple became VP and Second Lady for the first of two terms.Barbara used her presence on the national stage to promote her signature cause of universal literacy, writing children's books based on the lives of her dogs to raise money for charities.Despite expert care, Pauline passed away in 1953 at the age of 3."Her death was very peaceful," Barbara wrote in her memoir.George served as congressman, ambassador to the United Nations, chairman of the Republican National Committee, envoy to China, and director of the CIA during the '60s and '70s, with Barbara by his side offering advice every step of the way.By the time they moved into the White House in 1989, Barbara estimated she'd lived in 29 different houses.

The naval pilot named three of his planes after his fiancée while serving in the Pacific.She established the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy in 1989, the same year she became First Lady.She called it "the most important issue we have," with statistics showing tens of millions of adults could not read beyond a basic level.When he won in 2000 and again in 2004, she became one of only two first ladies who was also the mother of a president, the other being Abigail Adams.

When rumors of Jeb's 2016 run surfaced, she stated "we've had enough Bushes" but ultimately supported her son's bid.Born to Marvin and Pauline Pierce, Barbara Pierce grew up in the affluent suburb of Rye, New York, later attending the boarding school Ashley Hall in Charleston, South Carolina.