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His mother was so hurt that when they came to New York to identify the body, they didn't even have a funeral." The friend was only one of several gay black friends of Rice who, in recent years, had become addicted to crystal meth. I'd heard he died of cardiac arrest in a bathtub at a sex party."It's no surprise to me that this drug has spread to the most marginalized members of the gay community," he says. "Racial hostilities and homophobia have been more out in the open, apparent, in recent years," says Los Angeles' Yolo Akili Robinson, the founder of Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM), which works to increase the mental health of people of color through the lens of social justice and systemic change.

"I'm not convinced that recovery is the right intervention for everybody," says Currie. "We have to ask why they're self-medicating," says Halkitis.And I wasn't really into black guys either, so I'd say, 'Neither am I! "The first night I did it," he says, "I thought, 'This is it.

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