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The bulk of the work revolves around the tabernacle.

The census in the tribe of Levi continues, and there is a description of the distribution of duties between the families of Levi, Gershon, Kohat, and Merari.

The portion speaks of the tabernacle, on which there was constantly a cloud.(When You Raise the Candles), takes place a year after the reception of the Torah.The people of Israel is getting ready to journey and holds a special ceremony for the inauguration of the altar.We do not want to see anyone, only use them for our own benefit.

This is our nature, as the Creator said, “I have created the evil inclination.” However, the more we study and try to draw closer to each other, and discover how utterly impossible it is, the more we feel our nature as bad, as ill will, evil inclination.Following the nomination, Moses is requested to explain to them where each tribe should be during the journey and while stopping in the desert, how to arrange themselves by tribes and banners according to the four directions, with the tabernacle in the middle.