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17-Jan-2020 02:45

The work in a way focuses on how the 2008 encounter shook my trust in the state.

I am sure it's true for many people in the locality," Farooquee told Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera: What is it like growing up as a Muslim in India?

Al Jazeera: What do you mean by the word "radical" as you mentioned in your book?

Farooquee: There are many reasons why I used radicalism in the title.

Brash, offbeat, unconventional - this sums up the latest outing of the latest Queen of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut.

This bandit queen avatar of hers is no less interesting where she immaculately displays the anger, attitude, madness, vulnerability and insecurities of Alka Singh.

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And this is true for every form of ghetto, be it of disadvantaged sections like Muslims and Dalits or of dominant castes like Brahmins.

Farooquee: Anti-Muslim bigotry has been normalised in the democratic process of the country under Modi.