Bones dating earlier than the bible

19-Sep-2019 14:17

The Holy Roman Empire sought to recreate a united Christian Europe in similitude to the last years of the Roman Empire.

It was called "Holy" due to the supremacy of the Popes in ecclesiastical affairs, and the German Emperors as the secular arm and defender of the Catholic church. 398) actually states "The empire of Charlemagne and his successors, and the German Empire (962-1806) were both regarded as a revival of the Roman Empire." There can be no doubt that the Beast system is a continuum of the Roman Empire with its political/military base in Germany; and its religious system in the Babylonian Mystery Religion of Roman Catholicism.

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In AD740, Jews from Babylon converted the Mongol-Turkic Khazars to Talmudic Judaism.It would not be the Jewish NWO model being pushed by their British, Commonwealth and American surrogate colonies, and their UN were the Romish Church not controlled by the same elite.

My self-esteem was on the floor and I had no idea what to do: like every other woman I knew I felt clueless and unwanted.… continue reading »

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Stedman was a divorcé, who was previously married to a woman named Glenda Graham in 1974. Stedman reportedly met Oprah in 1986 at a charity event in Chicago, where he founded the nonprofit organization Athletes Against Drugs.… continue reading »

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The couple first started dating before they tied the knot in April 2015.… continue reading »

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Research into group violence, such as racial and homophobic assaults, has shown that violent groups are typically made up of four different types of offenders: thugs for whom violence is their normal means of resolving disputes; xenophobes who blame others for their own troubles; sympathisers who become involved through peer pressure; and politically motivated offenders, who are usually educated and indulge in violence in pursuit of their political beliefs.… continue reading »

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Between swigs of her martini, she told me she was going to share the most important lesson she ever learned about men, women and dating: Men are idiots. If you can find a man who is less of an idiot than most, or a girl who is less crazy than most, then you’ve done well. They are typically an endless recounting of little details and interactions that swing the poor girl back and forth between thinking he’s into her and thinking he’s not. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – walking down the path of distrust or suspicion is a slippery slope. Check out these two articles that explore the topic of trust in relationships/dating: Does My Boyfriend Really Mean What He Says? Detailed answer here: Can a Girl Say I Love You First?… continue reading »

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