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09-Oct-2020 21:14

It’s given consumers total accessibility, which yields heightened expectations and has ultimately sparked a change in mindset—from “I need stuff” to “I want an experience.” This mindset ties into a larger shift in consumer values: To achieve happiness and wellbeing, consumers now look to experiences instead of stuff. As competition thickens, it takes more than price, convenience, or selection to earn sales.In the future of retail, it takes a fully integrated experience to keep and sustain consumer attention.Success lies in giving consumers more than what they’ve come to expect from the shopping process.In this report, we explore the notion that brands and retailers need to embrace the idea that retail is an opportunity to build relationships by creating experiences that are relevant, intimate, and fun.In other words, the future of retail is a lot like dating.

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The power has shifted away from retailers who long held it—and now the ball is in the consumer’s court.Brands and retailers need to strike an emotional and meaningful connection throughout the shopping experience.The connection should be so strong, consumers feel compelled to come back for more and share the experience with their community, which, thanks to social media, has grown from what may have been 10 people before, to hundreds and thousands of interconnected friends and influencers throughout the world.There was no opportunity, or even vision, for digital tools that would allow 24/7 shopping at any store in the world from any device one might choose.

But then along came the Internet, and with it a plethora of new technologies, that now allow consumers to cross physical and digital platforms whenever and however they want.

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