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The tile view lets you balance graphical and textual information by displaying item and subitem text next to large icons. The insertion mark feature lets you provide drag-and-drop item repositioning with visual feedback to indicate drop locations.Use the List View Insertion Mark object retrieved through the property to display the insertion mark.The user can select the files to open and then double-click them to activate the items and open the files in the application.The control is displaying items and subitems, you may want to provide functionality when the user right-clicks a subitem.It's probably also quite complicated to set up for masking an email-address regular expression for example.Look at Error Provider to allow the user to type what they want but show warnings as they type.Additionally, the user can activate selected items to perform a task.For example, you could use a control to display a list of files that the application can then open and utilize.

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The items that are displayed in the list can be shown in one of five different views.The Ensure Visible method can be called to ensure that the specific item is in the visible area of the control.