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A Spartan Flutist in the midst of the battle The Spartans marched to war to the sound of flutes and used bugles to signal military commands.

On the attack, the Spartan Army moved forward while their king sang one of their many marching-songs. According to Thucydides, the songs and tunes kept the marching line in order, which helped the Spartans close in a solid, unbroken line.

In 1836, when General Santa Anna wanted to frighten the defenders of the into either fleeing or surrendering, he played El Degello, a song that appealed to the enemy to surrender or die by the sword. According to various English-Spanish dictionaries, El Degello means no mercy.

The literal translation is "slit-throat." During the Korean War, the Chinese “ People’s Volunteers” often attacked the UN forces in mass blowing bugles or played funeral dirges from their loudspeakers at night hoping to dishearten the American and South Korean troops.

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All annotations contain links to the affecting legislation.These effects are included in this view as they may be (but won’t necessarily be) relevant to the specific provision that you are viewing.Annotations are used to give authority for changes and other effects on the legislation you are viewing and to convey editorial information.In the case of a creditor’s petition presented wholly or partly in respect of a debt which is the subject of a statutory demand under section 268, the petition may be presented before the end of the 3-week period there mentioned if there is a serious possibility that the debtor’s property or the value of any of his property will be significantly diminished during that period and the petition contains a statement to that effect.

In a case in which the petition contains such a statement as is required by section 270, the court shall not make a bankruptcy order until at least 3 weeks have elapsed since the service of any statutory demand under section 268.Each annotation is identified by a sequential reference number.