Carbon dating metal par dating sites

17-Nov-2019 19:03

I believe that dating steel/metal is done by the amound of impurities in it, usually the older stuff has more crap in it because of smelting techneiques.

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If the carbon they were using was of recent origin, like charcoal, (I don't know if anyone has ever done that) and if that was the only source of carbon in the steel, then there's no reason that the isotopic ratio of the carbon in the steel couldn't be measured and used to determine an age for the tree that the charcoal came from.

If the steel was smelted using coke, this will tell you nothing - coal is too old to date using carbon 14. anglo-saxon, Roman, Japanese samaurai sword) then you'd get the age of the tree which was used to make the charcoal, which is a good estimate for the age of the sword.

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