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07-Jan-2020 22:44

From an Oct 6, 2015 tweet by Jens Bergensten: "I didn't want a hypetrain but there's no stopping "Trollmaso", right?

=) Yes, new dramatic feature, likely out in the next snapshot.""Trollmaso" refers to the Twitter account @trollmasso, active since August 2015, whose name "Trollmasso Chi Chi" was a play on MCPE developer Tommaso Checchi. From the Douglas Adams book Life, the Universe and Everything: "'The Guide says there is an art to flying', said Ford, 'or rather a knack.

However, Notch mentioned this could change "once sales start dying and a minimum time has passed", at which point he would "possibly release it all as public domain".

Relates to the numerous "clones" of Minecraft such as Total Miner: Forge, and perhaps an ironic reference to the fact that Minecraft conceptually is itself a "clone" of Infiniminer, and therefore clones might not be negative remakes of other games.

Minecraft allows you to ride pigs and perform such jousts.

Portals to the Nether take a few seconds to activate, although in Creative mode, they are instant.