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Dad was already gone, Chelsea just leaving exiting the door she waved me a goodbye kiss and a sly hand signal to let me know she blew me off last night. "So what'll you have for breakfast," said Natalie brushing her hair back. Whatever you're having is good." "I fancy some sausage," she said, I choked as she turned around and dipped into the fridge. I composed myself and Natalie was still bend over looking in the fridge I couldn't stop myself but notice her ass in those pyjamas. I'm really craving it, not in the mood for bacon you know?

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My pants constricting me in an almost torturous confinement. I'm sorry, I just can't get this image out of my head." She said stammering still holding my hand and moving her other hand to my stomach.

But she doesn't seem to have any interest in me going down on her. My briefs pulled down to my feet and pants were thrown on the floor, entirely unlike me as I do tend to sleep fully clothed. A tissue scrunched up and stinking of my cum - just where in the hell did that come from.

Because I sure as hell never leave them lying around and Chelsea, bless her, never has the forethought to clean me.

I blinked furiously not used to the sight of her like this and with these thoughts, she really had a much bigger bust than Chelsea and her nipples were standing out on show through her blouse. "Mmhmm, sure thing Nat," I said walking away with a slight limp.

"Thanks, Son," she said as I walked up the stairs to get a shower.

Chelsea, she's a fickle one and is a bit of a loose cannon when it comes to pleasures of the flesh.

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