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Partner Tara Stanbury said: “The judges were so positive about what we offer; they praised us for the fact that after paying on the door just about everything else is free, and they liked the fact that families can all enjoy themselves together.

“Lots of lovely comments were made about the Milky Way staff too – that they were very cheerful, engaging and helpful.

The RIB rides last 20 minutes each, and you’ll start you journey in the town’s harbour before venturing out to the bay for an adrenaline-charged experience at speeds of up to 40mph.

For those days when you’re content to just sit on the pier and see what you can catch, Weymouth’s a great spot for a little sea fishing, and you’ll find parents helping their children to master crab lines along the pier on a sunny day.

So, if you’re going to be in Dorset and you want to make Bonfire Night in style it’s time to get ready for the annual Guy Fawkes celebrations on...

A North Devon hotel and restaurant has done the ‘double double’ at the Devon Tourism Awards.

Oh goody, we’ve been waiting to tell you all about our favourite Weymouth attractions.

Whether your idea of the perfect escape involves long lazy days watching the kids hone their sandcastle making skills, or days out at the indoor and outdoor attractions that dot the region, Weymouth has it all.

With golden sands and views that stretch for miles, this is one of those beaches that makes you remember why you love the great British seaside so much.