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23-Dec-2019 23:36

It was too late to stop him.“OH SHIT” I though, “She gonna kill me” I quickly looked inside the entrance and saw that he had set his things down on a bench and was talking off his swimsuit.She had her back to the entrance and to him and had no idea he was there.Like I said, we never did anything too sexually adventurous and Susan was quite shy.When we went to a pool or regular beach she never wore a swimsuit that was too revealing.

I told Susan it was safe to come in and she joined me. ” I told her I would stand outside the door and if a guy happened to come along I’d just ask him if he could wait a few minutes until my shy wife came out.

She had just turned the water on when I heard a couple female voices around the side of the building and I stepped around the corner just to see a couple women walking towards the parking lot.