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01-May-2020 08:58

Then I used an old mds from Co H Opposing fronts, loaded it with Daemon Tools light and cloacked it with Yasu. dnt realize this was just an expansion pack, thought it was COH2, disapointed! original COH and COH: OF missions require a serial to get to unlock, how u get round this? But I have experianced an instant shut down on my old PC due to my graphics card overheating. So I've installed Co H and OF with no problems whatsoever and have been playing the game for months with no problems with validation. i got the exact same problem as saxondale..Spiers ... I tried just installing To V without Co H or OF and the validation worked. Try just do have your internet disconnected to play the game, download the Reloaded crack and it should work just fine but i think that To V is a dissapointment for real and is not worthy all the fuss but the 2 other games are fantastic Saxondale at 2009-04-21 CET: Hmmm.... Install the Tales Of Valour game as normal, and apply the included crack. Go here: H: Tales of Valor [ENGLISH] No-DVD/Fixed Image And download the file archive. i made the host game and when we wanted to join it said different mod. The minute amount of new content they add and yet still call it an expansion is ridiculous. I didnt try MP as my firewall was blocking network access to this game in order for it the crack to work and I dont use Hamachi. thanks a lot :) it happened the fist time while i had all the other COH installed and all the other COHs are no gone, actualy there is no THQ folder in my program files folder.

I've tried the same method I used for Oppossing Forces. I have used the reloaded-crack with validators and the rest, but it wants me to validate opposing fronts anyway. If it asks you where you got the game, just say you bought it. ) If you want to unlock ALL the missions, do exactly as LSD said on page 3.

I have tried blocking it with a firewall or totally unplugging the lan cable but I still get the same error. Please help @sapient It's NOT an addon, it's the core-game(data) the addons. I'm new at all this so i dont understand rarely anything...

But it won't validate with any crack I try - just keeps saying 'wrong disc inserted'. I've tried various methods that seem to work for other people, but nothing works. Installed To V, copied the crack into correct directory - launched the game and got the To V splash loading screen. went to the relic site and set up a username and they sent me password but still no luck. The installation worked fine in my laptop but i couldn't play the game because of a poor graphic card. i have a problem: at the end of the instalation i get a message instalation failed, an error occured creating bla bla bla and than the file is: WW2Sound the media containing the original file may be corrupted or unreadable... guys i have a problem...i extracted all the rars with daemon tools and played the game fine..always when i want to play the game again next day it asks me to log in ( so to create an account for mp ) but i just want to single player and cant do that anymore ( only when i download it again ) plz help ??How to correct this:go to the Co H: OF crack folder, then copy the crack file and the folder to C:\programfiles\THQ folder..