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Occasionally, medical conditions can cause difficulty in achieving a satisfying sex life.

The following articles contain information on causes of sexual dysfunction and other issues that can affect your sexual enjoyment.

For complete details pertaining to the Colorado Sex Offender Registry Law, click on Colorado Statute Manager and enter a Search for CRS 16-22-111. US, or you can contact your local law enforcement agency.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) maintains this site and evaluates the accuracy and integrity of all sexual offender registration records to determine if the data fulfills the minimum requirements for all Internet postings. Please note some information related to sex offenders is not available on this website; for a more extensive list of information, contact CBI's Program Support Unit at the above phone number or e-mail.

SVP's are the only category of sex offenders subject to Community Notification.

A person who has been convicted of a felony sex offense as an adult which requires registration and is currently registered.

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SVP's are considered the highest risk sex offenders. They are posted on this site when they are living in the community (or have lived in the community), either under criminal justice supervision or having completed their sentence.Vaginal dryness affects more than 25 million women at one time or another.