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11-Jul-2020 02:02

Retaliation can take many forms: termination, shift changes, pay cuts, transfers, and other adverse actions have been found to be retaliatory.Over the past 10 years, retaliation claims grew 70%—and are now the most common type of complaint with the EEOC.She's interested in the intersection of people and business, and wants to promote conversations about HR.

“Having people dating each other can wreak havoc on an organization, especially a small organization,” says Lynn D.As Valentine’s Day approaches, there’s an uptick in whiteboard hearts and watercooler gossip.Love is in the air alright, but chances are, it’s been there all year long: 56% of business professionals say they’ve been in relationships with coworkers.But they exchanged a few texts, then graduated to friendly lunches.

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Eventually Matt asked Sarah on a date, and they talked for so long that the sushi restaurant had to kick them out.Though traditionally maligned for reasons I’m about to get into, office romance can be beneficial for businesses. Lane III, author of , sees employee dating as a way to increase employee engagement.

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