Consolidating joint ventures under gaap

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If the equity balances result from income and expenses presented in OCI (e.g.revaluation surplus), then it’s more appropriate to translate them at the rate at the transaction date.Can someone please clarify “assuming consolidation” when answering questions regarding a company (C) that has a 50% interest in a joint venture and accounts for it using Equity Method???(JV requires Equity Method under both IFRS and GAAP) Specific questions I’m referring to in my review are #16-18 page 97 (Book 2 - Intercorpate Investments) For those that can’t referrence, here are the basic parameters given to use for 16-18: *joint venture (JVC) A&L have BV=FV *provided with annual financial results for both (BS and IS) #16: Assuming CONSOLIDATION, company C’s stockholders equity at end of year is?You still need to eliminate the share capital and pre-acquisition profits of a subsidiary with parent’s investment in a subsidiary (plus recognize any goodwill and/or non-controlling interest). We need to follow the rules in IAS 21 The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates for translating the financial statements to a presentation currency.You still need to eliminate intragroup balances and transactions, including unrealized profits on intragroup sales and any dividends paid by a subsidiary to a parent. Just a small note: please, do not mess up a functional currency with a presentation currency. It’s a full IFRS learning package with more than 40 hours of private video tutorials, more than 140 IFRS case studies solved in Excel, more than 180 pages of handouts and many bonuses included. Its functional currency is in most cases GBP (exceptions exist), but this company can decide to prepare its financial statements in EUR or USD – they will be the presentation currencies.If you take action today and subscribe to the IFRS Kit, you’ll get it at discount! Please note that the above table applies when neither functional nor presentation currency are that of a hyperinflationary economy.Actual rates are the rates at the date of the individual transactions, but you can use the average rate for the year if the actual rates do not differ too much.

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Subsequently, it discusses reasoning of those exceptions and their impact on information needs of users of financial statements.The exchange rates were 0,8234 GBP/EUR on 10 September 2010, and 0,78 GBP/EUR on 3 January 2015.