Cyber relationships the risks and rewards of online dating

24-Aug-2020 00:54

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If you have any doubts about someone before the first date, you can clear it up easily — it's a win-win situation.5. Social media is an incredible source of information about people.

You can find out just about anything you want to know these days by using a combination of online profiles, Google searches and social media. Possibly, but no more so than what we used to do — ask friends and co-workers what they knew about this person before going too far and agreeing to a date.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game console would not be very successful if it had only one gamer using its product and one developer creating programs.

Nor would it enjoy enduring success if it had 1 million software developers but only one gamer.

Subjects received initial financial incentives for choosing each platform that increased as more of each type of user gravitated toward a given platform (to represent the rising value of the platform based on participation).

But we also informed subjects that one platform was superior in its ability to match users.

Now it's all under your control and at your fingertips.

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Further, the platform increases in value to potential users as it attracts more of each type.Think e Bay, which pairs buyers and sellers online, or credit cards, which similarly connect consumers and the companies with which they want to do business.Platforms enable all sorts of relationships: Apple’s i OS joins mobile software programmers and i Phone users; myriad online dating services couple potential life partners.It’s a system that can quickly feed on itself and lead to tipping.

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But how that winning firm is selected is an inherently difficult question.

One of the areas of our lives where these technological transformations have been especially striking is in the dating scene.

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