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It's not about money here; the ones looking for real sugar daddies go to different places altogether. Everybody in here, boys and girls, are vetted and vouched for by a member, like I did for you," he assured me as we each slipped a different end of the booth. It might look freewheeling, but actually we've put a lot of work into making it a safe place.These are mostly good, middle class girls, hell and some of these little cuties are loaded. Hey, that's what daddies do right, keep everybody safe," he added as he raised his hand for a waitress.I can only speak from my own perspective and my own story, so don’t get offended.Be sure to check out How to Deal with Your Baby Daddy – One Year Later, where I’m sharing tips for those moms that have just started a co-parenting relationship or when co-parenting just doesn’t seem to be working.My conversations with Micah’s Daddy consist around sharing the costs of certain purchases, the crazy things that Micah has done for the day, times for pickup and drop-off — you know those kinds of things. Micah’s Daddy thinks everything I say without a scowl on my face is an opportunity. Depending on your child’s age, you will have to be the one explaining why Daddy is no longer around.

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Let it go and wait until your child’s father is ready to grow up and handle his responsibilities before you try again. You’re working on a relationship with your child’s father, not his entire family.

"You should be spanked." I tried to make it sound like an assertion rather than a question. "You naughty little slut," I replied trying to feign anger. Far fucking out, right," Mac replied slapping me on the back.