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27-Aug-2020 12:11

You have arrived in Colombia and have started to get to know some people here. and definitely don’t dress in normal “gringa attire” here – i.e.As you meet a couple of Colombian men that you are interested in, you may find some differences between Colombian dating culture and your home country’s dating culture. flip flops, shorts, t-shirts – but I am not much of a fashionista.In the United States, I would always go out without my American boyfriend.My best friend in the States was a guy and it was normal for us to go out to the bars together both alone and with other friends.Be warned, though, that it is used almost exclusively to talk about someone, rather than ever being said straight to their face.If said directly to a girl, it sounds pretty sleazy and won’t be well received.

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As with any other multicultural relationship, there can also be some challenges, or thins that you haven’t experienced before in past relationships.It isn’t as common to go out dancing without your Colombian boyfriend, and certainly not with just guy-friends.As my Colombian boyfriend Mario has explained this to me many times, “Si piensas, pierdes”.This can also cause Colombian relationships to become really intense and serious, really early on in the relationship.

Like, As someone who likes to take things slow and is very relaxed about my relationships, this caught me off guard a bit. Usually once you start going out with someone more than just a couple times, you’re in. And, if you’re going to use a dating-app to meet potential romantic partners, make sure to follow my online dating guideline so you can avoid some too-intense people (I learned the hard way on this one).I also had girls night with no guys at all, friends or boyfriends.

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