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Suspicious package discovered at East Midlands Airport on a UPS plane, which was from Yemen and bound for Chicago in the US.The device is later said to have been a printer toner cartridge with wires and powder, addressed to a synagogue in Chicago.The explosive material is reported to be PETN, or pentaerythritol tetranitrate, a very powerful explosive.It is the same as the material used in last year's Christmas Day attempted bomb plot on a jet at Detroit airport.See full summary » Art, a drug-addicted dealer and hustler, arrives at his girlfriend Cody's apartment to find that she has overdosed on heroin.He tries to fix things by traveling back in time in an attempt to prevent her death.Gordon Brown warned in January that the Middle Eastern country represented a growing ‘regional and global threat’ following the failed bomb attack on a U. Speaking in the White House last night, Mr Obama said: 'I want to briefly update the American people on a credible terrorist threat against our country and the action that we have taken with our partners to respond to it.'Last night and earlier today our intelligence and law enforcement professionals working with our friends and allies identified two suspicious packages bound for the US - specifically, two places of Jewish worship in Chicago. Two suspicious packages being flown from Yemen to the United States were found in Britain and Dubai on Friday after a tip prompted authorities to search cargo planes on both sides of the Atlantic 'If this attack is by AQAP (al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula), it demonstrates an accelerated ability to design new and innovative ways of conducting IED attacks and a focused effort to execute those attacks on US soil,' Ben Venzke, chief executive of the intelligence agency Intel Center, said.'The decision to use one device or another differs according to the importance of the location and the results of the blast. This is also subject to the conditions of the targeted place. In a statement distributed to journalists and appearing on the official website, the government said there were no UPS cargo planes that had taken off from Yemen, or any indirect or direct flights to British or American airports.

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With the UK's Air Passenger Duty (APD) airport departure tax due to rise on Monday, longer queues at UK airport security points will add to the problems of an aviation industry that had begun to recover, in recent months, from the recession.- Early hours.

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But, in Exodus we are introduced to women who risked everything to make the righteous choice, thereby cooperating in God's plan of salvation: These are the first in a long line of biblical heroines whose acts of bravery and self-sacrifice are recorded in the other Bible books: Rahab the brave prostitute of Jericho, the judge and prophetess Deborah who led the armies of Israel into battle against the army of the Canaanites, Ruth the faithful Moabitess, Hannah the mother of the prophet Samuel, Judith the defender of her people, and Queen Esther, who like the Hebrew midwives in Exodus chapter one, saved her people by using her intelligence to outwit a wicked and powerful man, to name only a few.… continue reading »

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