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04-Dec-2019 17:28

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If I would have continued studying at the snail-like pace I did for the first two exams it would have taken me 355* hours to get through all the material.Compare this to the 239** hours it would have taken me had I studied efficiently the entire time. Think of all the fun activities you could do with that much extra time!I was able to cover 7.8 pages of material per hour studying the way CPAexcel told me to.This included going back and retaking practice exams until I scored well on them, while also watching the video lectures. I decided I was going to trim the fat and focus only on the important material and concepts. On my last two exams I was able to increase my productivity by 49% and cover an additional 3.8 pages EVERY hour!Here was my new routine: It did not matter if I got a 50% or a 90% on the test I would stick to this same process every time.

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I realized that I was not actually learning from the lectures but was actually learning from reading the textbook, taking notes, and doing the multiple choice quizzes.If you have been using a CPA study materials that aren’t aligned with your personal learning preferences then I highly suggest you take a look at my CPA Review Course Comparison Chart to compare alternative options that will increase your chances of passing.Then make sure to get the best deal with Crush the CPA’s exclusive discounts.The hours below do not include time spent studying during my final review, read more about that here.

Now let’s get to the good stuff, here are the stats…I was able to pass all four sections on the first try due to my strong desire to succeed and consistent study habits, not because of my accounting IQ. The first two sections of the exam I sat for were Audit and BEC.