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In most departments that use it, it's fairly high on the use of force continuum (some don't use it - in fact, during my tenure on my former department, it was only sanctioned for use in lethal force situations, though that's changed since).

I think Valentina is LYING with this "Ive only done drag ten months" fantasy. Nina Bonina Osama Bin Laden Brown touches her simulated reproductive organs too much but I still like her a lot. They go from acting relatively sane to COMPLETELY BIZARRE at the toss of a cucumber... She doesnt particularly check any of my boxes as what she is Im not super into but you cant deny her abilities. My friend Bradford hired her for a dinner and it was fine and fun and all and as she was walking out the door my NUMB NUT husband brings up “but what about the movie youre making? Shes a great talent who has done some amazing looks.

Im surprised she's not from VEGAS but I guess ORLANDO is just like DISHONEST Vegas huh? I offered that person 2.5 or 3k just to do make up for ONE shoot that was being shot by a famous photographer who will go unnamed and she didn't even respond back. lololoololo this I my damn blog and Ill say what I want?!!? here are ALL RUPAULS DRAG RACE QUEENS RANKED FROM 100-1 the new season girls aren't added. This icy goddess holds the title for the number one AND number two AND number three best gowns on RPDR history. Like all these top five shes really carved out PERSONALITY in her drag persona.

I think there has NEVER been a good queen from Las Vegas. It doesn't matter how classy the lady is if you put her in it SHES LOOKS CHEAP. Its therapeutic for me to be mean on here as its "purging". It was like giving someone a compliment and they turn their back. You will notice as thece list goes it runs from HARSH to KIND being that we go from people who are wasting our time and perhaps not living an honest fantasy but trying to be something they FEEL they're SUPPOSED to be and talented artists who capture us as they reveal beautifully honest selves which bloom from their unconscious. Shes maybe made me laugh more than any other queen.

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Speaking of YELLING RETARDED PEOPLE one time my husband and I were in Miami and we bought BAD PILLS (is there any other kind in Miami) and were TWACKED OUT ASSHOLES and ran into her and we COULD NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP and she was SO TOLERANT, AND SO NICE, AND SO UNBOTHERED that we almost wondered if we PASSED FOR SANE.Phi-phi is the best case as to why Planned Parenthood should be next to every Mc Donalds. I found her strong sexual identity so uncomfortable as it was just too obviously a defense mechanism from being a tiny rapeable person from a third world territory. Its NOT a reason to not like a person but it is a reason as to why I dont want to see her on my tv bending over and WAGGING HER TWAT at me. Alisa Summers: i have no idea who this person is 94. Remember when ALyssa first started and she was mean and people did not like her?!