Dating erotic fingernail long story woman

08-Oct-2020 06:48

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Reaching the age of maturity, men leave the Country of Malekind.

The despicable gender lives in awed fear of womankind.

I have to keep on-top of my nails..manicuring once a week..takes about 10 mins.not.just keep growing and growing.

I keep them at about a half inch..maybe a little longer for special occasions.

) but I personally love the *click click click* on the keyboard when I'm typing!

Funny thing is, you get used to doing things with them, like cooking, typing, chores, and taking out contact lenses..when you trim them and they're gone, you have to get used to doing those things all over again, because it feels different and the way you grip things is different.

Only the toughest, most sadistic women become trainers. A man’s first lesson: Men’s muscles are as nothing to women’s wisdom and power. Long nails are sexy, feminine, and yes at times defenseless when drawn lightly across ones back and down his body.I've never really had a man comment on them either way, only if they happen to be a little ragged and need filing (OUCH! They stare dismayed at blood gliding down their skin. She gloats at the sight of the men’s confused misery.

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Overpowered by Mistress Trainer’s ferocity, they tremble as her fingernails dig into their skin.

I never had a girlfriend yet but many of the people who I had feelings for had some amazing nails and all I could do is wish that I could be tickled and scratched by them, especially the nipples since that is my favorite spot to be touched at.

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