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18-Oct-2020 15:43

Before that a group of us would sometimes meet up at the skating rink or the movie theater. Besides, if they are only 12 or 13 where could they go that parents weren't taking them anyway. Start by allowing her to talk on the phone a couple of times a week to a boy (with a time limit for the length she can talk as well as her cut off time at night).

Unless the boy is older, then that's a whole different issue! At 12, she is beginning to feel as though she wants to do a lot of things, but in reality, she is NOT ready for it. You may want to consider allowing a young boy to come to your home and visit with her (adults at home of course) for a couple of hours when she starts 9th grade. But there is a really awesome book written for young adults by Joshua Harris called I kissed Dating Goodbye. Its a christian book written by a young man b4 he met his wife about how guys think really, what girls think and about the whole dating issues and why he decided to not get sucked into mainstream dating that our society makes our little kids think they need.

I am so thankful now that they were strict with dating.

Society has changed so much since I was young (I am 31)...

It's time for going to parties and outings with friends. Teach her about boys, dating, what she wants to be when she grows up. My husband and used similar parenting skills along with more open communication with our girls and it has worked out BEAUTIFULLY ! You've got to be the parent and set limits and discuss with her when things are age appropriate. dear dianne- i read your 'so what happened' - you sound angry! jmho second, you say your daughter isnt' thinking about sex...

Time for enriching herself and learning about the world not settling down. This is a time for personal molding and helping her grow up to be a smart young woman. Talk with your grandchild....don't just allow her to say she's ready to do something at this very young and confusing age and you give in to it. angry at the ladies that gave you the opinions you asked for!! but you do NOT know what the nice young man is thinking.

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I think that when I was in 9th grade, my parents let me go to a movie with a boy. I started dating someone as a Sophomore in high school. Hi Dianne, I am no expert, and my daughter is only three right now, but personally, i think 12-13 years old is too young to date.

'gossip girl', 'desperate housewives', the CW channel, UPN, and even the regular ones. She can probably go to the movies with a group of friends but there is SAFETY in numbers. Dating one boy exclusively and putting herself in a situation where she will be alone with a boy (at a movie, at his house, at her house, at the mall, etc) is just asking for trouble. Dating is really only about one thing for kids these days - to engage is sexual activity.