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His crime would catch up with him three years later, when the FBI placed him on their most wanted list.

Alcala was extradited back to California, but Tali Shapiro’s family decided that putting her on the stand would only cause the child more trauma.

"Nightclub Heiress Goes Missing," blared the New York tabloids through the muggy months during which the Son of Sam killings also took place.

Ellen's case became one of the longest unsolved missing-persons cases in the city's history.

Her sweetness was a trait you sensed was permanent, an odd purity within what would become a rocky family. He was a photographer with a fine-arts degree from UCLA; he had studied film under Roman Polanski; he'd recently taught art at a summer camp.

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This past February, he was finally convicted of five of those murders; after the conviction, it took the jury all of one hour to recommend the death penalty, to which a judge—in March—forcefully agreed.

Our homes were blocks apart on the quiet streets of Beverly Hills, where homes were draped with bougainvillea vines, and movie stars were our neighbors, picking their newspapers off their dewy lawns just like everyone else.