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Such relationships also have the potential for other adverse consequences, including the filing of charges of sexual harassment and/or retaliation under II-4 Sexual Harassment if, for example, one party to the relationship wishes to terminate the relationship to the other party's objection.In those circumstances when sexual harassment is alleged as the result of a romantic and/or sexual relationship, the existence of the relationship is not a per se violation of the Policy on Sexual Harassment.Moreover, such relationships may harm or injure others in the academic or work environment.Relationships in which one party is in a position to review the work or influence the career of the other may provide grounds for complaint when that relationship gives, or creates the appearance of, undue access or advantage to the person involved in the relationship, or when it restricts opportunities or creates a hostile environment for others.There are also special risks in any sexual or romantic relationship between individuals in inherently unequal positions of power (such as teacher and student, supervisor and employee).

See also II-18.7 Other University Policies Related to Conflict of Interest for a complete list of policies that address or are related to conflicts of interest.The QCT hopes approved teachers will use the code along with employer codes/policies and other professional codes to guide their professional conduct and behaviour.The Code was approved by the Minister for Education, Training and the Arts, Mr Rod Welford in December 2008.The Guideline will also assist preservice teachers undertaking the professional experience component of the initial teacher education program.

Members of the public, including parents, carers, school students and non-teacher professionals, may use the Guideline to inform and guide them about appropriate teacher-student relationships.In those cases where a complainant alleges both unwanted behavior of a sexual nature and consensual sexual relations within an instructional context, the two complaints are considered separate allegations and ordinarily are resolved consecutively rather than concurrently, starting with the sexual harassment complaint, which must be investigated under the procedures set forth in the Policy on Sexual Harassment before the consensual relationships complaint is considered.