Dating in the dark recap july 27

09-Oct-2020 20:44

So it’s with a raised eyebrow and a “what the heck” adventurous spirit that I’m tackling recapping the currently airing .

This one is purely a conscious effort to pay homage to what feels like a work of dramatic art, an appreciation of sorts that speaks less of an emotional hitch and more of a recognition of artistic excellence.

She doesn’t care who Young Woo is with and if she’s embarrassed then to hide him in the closet.

Hye Won uses the key to enter a condo and walks through the living room before entering a darkened bedroom and stepping over strewn lingerie on the ground and pulling open the curtains.

Hye Won puts her coat back on and heads out to bring Young Woo in line.

Hye Won calls her repeatedly and leaves voicemails that she will walk in if Young Woo doesn’t answer the phone.

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who is dating ne yo

After she gets off work, Dal Mi and Sun Jae grab a ramyun at the convenience store.When Hye Won says that Professor Jo is in headline this concert, Young Woo snarks that Hye Won’s husband isn’t going to be happy about this great showcase opportunity going to a hoobae.Hye Won says it can’t be helped though envy can be a driving force.Young Woo demands to know how Hye Won can just barge in like this, what if she was with Hye Won’s husband?

Hye Won doesn’t care since Young Woo wouldn’t answer her phone, and she’s not doing her job by pushing off all her engagements for the day.

Young Woo doesn’t think that’ll placate her husband and then promptly falls asleep.

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