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‘I just wish someone would do something about it.’It was Browne-Wilkinson who suggested hiring Mark Bolland, the well-connected 29-year-old director of the Press Complaints Commission, as a spin-doctor. When the two men met, Bolland was offered the post of assistant private secretary.

His sole purpose, Charles told him, would be to reverse Camilla’s image as his privileged, fox-hunting mistress, make her acceptable to the public and overcome the Queen’s hostility to them being together.

Then, coolly, she took the Princess to task for ‘unacceptable behaviour in a private house’. Diana, she told friends, was poorly placed to complain.

After all, Camilla herself had just one lover, while the Princess was ‘working her way through the Life Guards’.

In fact, much of what he did would be at their suggestion.

It was Browne-Wilkinson who suggested hiring Mark Bolland (pictured with Charles), the well-connected 29-year-old director of the Press Complaints Commission, as a spin-doctor.

The way things were going, she feared, Charles risked buckling under the pressure — or even failing to inherit the crown.

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Her solicitor agreed, talking sympathetically about Camilla’s frustration at being cast as a self-seeking adulteress while Diana basked in popular esteem.‘I’m not this awful person,’ Camilla complained.

Later, Camilla took Bolland aside to offer some friendly advice. ‘Always remember his terrible childhood, and how he was bullied at school and by his parents.’Bolland took this advice on board.

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