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A share house/guest house exclusively for Muslims going to Japan.Live in Tokyo with other Muslims from around the world.Further documentation of the surveillance program indicates that police regularly approached Muslim residents of Japan, asking them to provide information about and effectively spy on other members of their community.This reportedly affected their relationships with their friends, neighbors and family, leaving psychological wounds.A number of university students joined us to help out as well. Thanks to the Silk Road trading route, Japan been connected with predominantly Muslim regions of the world for more than a thousand years.

In the 2014 court case related to the leak, the plaintiffs alleged: The Metropolitan Police Department and the National Police Agency had, as of 31 May, 2008, assessed and digitalized the personal information of ‘roughly 12,677 individuals’ equaling ‘roughly 89 percent of the 14,254 foreign nationals from Muslim countries registered in Tokyo,’ and later, by the time the Hokkaido Toya Lake summit convened in July of that year, had ‘profiled roughly 72,000 individuals from OIC (Organisation of the Islamic Conference) countries (assessment rate of 98 percent).’ Earlier in 2016 the group asked the Supreme Court of Japan to rule on the legality of the surveillance.

The documents included the names, addresses and other personal information of Muslims residing in Japan.

The surveillance dated back several years prior to 2010, and was apparently motivated by security arrangements for the 2008 G-8 summit held in Japan.

On July 9, the Otsuka Mosque (Majid) joined a volunteer event in a park in Ikebukuro (in Tokyo).

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We helped provide 320 servings of curry to about 150 homeless people.

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