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16-Jul-2020 08:03

Kirill Shamalov has been linked with glamorous Zhanna Volkova after reportedly splitting with the Russian President's rock'n'roll dancing daughter Katerina Tikhonova.

But there are claims the 35-year-old businessman has lost half his wealth as alleged punishment for the 'split'.

The 28-year-old actress, who dazzled in a Valentino ruffle black dress, looked ill at ease among the rabble and raised her right arm high in the air before leaning on her partner for support.

Lily, who stars in Darkest Hour, and Smith, who plays Prince Philip in The Crown, were both overlooked for Golden Globes this year.

He is alleged to have swapped Tikhonova for London-based Volkova, suggested news agency Open Media which highlighted romantic pictures of her dancing with a mystery man at a Valentine's Day party last year.

Russian billionaire tycoon Kirill Shamalov has been stripped of half his wealth after swapping Vladimir Putin's secretive daughter Katerina Tikhonova (pictured in a dance performance) for a London-based socialite, it has been claimed Her suitor's face is deliberately hidden in these and other images.

Neither Shamalov nor Volkova - whose social media suggests she lives in London and was previously married to a senior Moscow city official - has commented on the report.

The Kremlin has adopted its usual policy of refusing to discuss the strongman's family - just as it never confirmed 31-year-old Katerina's 2013 marriage to Shamalov, son of a long-time Putin crony Nikolay Shamalov.

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