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I completed a BA (Hons) Interaction Design degree at Ravensbourne College in 2006, and am currently on the MA Typeface Design course at Reading, from October 2007 to July 2009.My design philosophy centers around the parameterisation and automation of design to improve the design process, and some of my old ideas are published at Lasse is the lead developer of Metapolator, ufo JS and Atem.At the moment (2018) he is freelancing as a font-engineer on Arabic libre font projects for Google-Fonts.Abattis is a free software type foundry launched in 2009 by Dave Crossland.Auto-description on his wiki: I'm a designer and nerd in Bournemouth, UK, and I do systems and network consultancy for a living.Arev Sans is a derivative of Bitstream Vera Sans created by Tavmjong Bah by adding support for Greek and Cyrillic characters.Bah also added a few variant letters that are more appropriate for mathematics.

He modified the free M font to design Mono Music for chords and tabs. The text accompanying the Arev Sans package is: The package arev provides virtual fonts and La Te X packages for using Arev Sans.Dave dreams of a free culture of visual communication around the world, so he decided to free fonts.