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15-Mar-2020 16:06

A good haircut, some muscles and a nice wardrobe will do wonders for a man. It's funny, your reaction to her (in spite of or perhaps even because of her behaviour) eerily matches a woman's reaction to a BB's advances - the niceness from her and your complete lack of arousal. I met one that was trying to be the wife every guy wants, nice LDS kinda gal, a lot of RP truths from her.Unfortunately she thought sex = commitment and went full retard with it.Its not about breeding anymore, those caveman days are over.Its about enjoying it, and like I said a woman can fuck a beta just as a man can fuck an obese woman. Let's not forget that a part of womens' attraction to guys is also psychological eg. Physical attraction is still #1 but this plays a much larger role than it doesn with guys' attraction.Man it sucks because I'm vaguely in the same situation with a girl like this right now. So it would be pointless anyways - but I've been in that situation myself. That's a preference like girls who prefer white guys, etc.She's been growing in self-confidence since I started hooking up with her, and I was legitimately confused when I wasn't really getting hard around her. Prolly destroyed her but nothing I could do about it. I'm just pointing out how it would probably feel for a girl to fuck a guy that doesn't turn her on.

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But to say having sex with an overweight woman isn't possible baffles me; we've evolved to be able to breed at a moments notice with any woman available.I was repulsed and only met her because I didn't think she'd be THAT fat.I tried to get to know her that night for educational purposes and so I never would need to venture into that territory again.It's funny reading this right after reading the Dad Bod article. No woman goes after a guy with the dad bod; she settles for him when she realizes Chad T. Man I love reading through the comments on these types of articles.

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Women get so offended when someone suggests that the reason they're fat is the inhuman amount of beer and chicken wings they stuff in their faces. The relationship side was great, it was easy, no drama, she was nice to me, sex wasn't a problem.

Where I live, the ratio of women to men is awful, so she was on the CC to high hog heaven.

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