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16-May-2020 05:36

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Again, the niece is a pleasant and talented person, but her working on a project that has legalities and deliverables outside of our institution gives me pause. Or is this a mildly odd but harmless thing, since we take in volunteers anyway?I’m wary of going to HR, partially because I’d feel like a narc, and partially because our HR department is extremely useless.I know that may sound like a very man-friendly answer, but then again, you wanted to know what he’s thinking and what will get you the best results. My brother has been talking about how much he hates his job for the past 15 years. He’s been talking about getting a new one for years. What all these people have in common isn’t just their inaction. And if he continues to perseverate, you have your answer. He is a senior vice president at one of our major banks, works crazy hours and makes a reasonable amount of money. Has made absolutely zero effort to look for another. Because of this, we frequently have college-age interns and the occasional volunteer.

Once you understand that, you can feel comfortable to express yourself freely, without fear. You’re asking a question that deserves an honest answer, and a good man (which I presume you have) will answer you honestly.

The office environment is definitely casual, and I have socialized with Boss on occasion outside of work, (we are close in age) but having her mom in meetings with outside consultants cheerfully introducing herself as “[Boss]’s mom and secretary” is a little embarrassing.