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The combination of dream and consciousness when awake can cause terrifying hallucinations.

People experience three types of hallucinations during sleep paralysis: the presence of an intruder, pressure on the chest, and levitation or out-of-body experiences.

EYESIf you've ever woken up and felt you couldn't breathe, you've probably experienced sleep paralysis.

The phenomenon itself is harmless, but it may be an indicator of neurodegenerative diseases, writes David Tan It's the middle of the night when you open your eyes from an uneasy sleep.

Sensing an ominous presence in the room, you try to turn your head for a better look but you can't move.

You open your mouth to scream but find your throat unresponsive.

Interestingly, interviews with people who have had an out-of-body or a near-death experience, or both, indicate that the two phenomena are similar.

But a mistimed disconnection between the brain and body can result in temporary paralysis while the person is mentally aware.

The earliest Chinese dictionary, the Shou Wen Chieh Tzu, dating from the Eastern Han dynasty around AD30 to AD124, records for the first time the Chinese written character for ghost oppression, which combines the characters for oppression and ghost.

Sleep paralysis affects fewer than 8 per cent of the general population, although about 25 per cent of all people have probably experienced it at some point during their life.

Sleep paralysis is a form of intrusion into REM sleep.

If you wake up before a cycle of REM sleep is complete, your body might not regain regular function in sync with your mind.

Fortunately, while it can be terrifying, sleep paralysis is not considered to be a dangerous or harmful medical condition.

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