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The white flowers, which infrequently have a pink tinge, appear in loose clusters above whorls of three-lobed leaves of a pale, dusky khaki-green colour.The picture shows it growing in the corner of a shady trough, but I also grow it amongst other woodland and ericaceous plants where it has obligingly seeded itself about forming an attractive swathe of about 12 centimeters high with a spread of about 60 centimeters.The tepals are 10-18 millimetres (0.4-0.7 in) long and white, but with a "strong green line".Each plant has 2–3 narrow, linear leaves, each up to 15 cm (6 in) long.It is a lime lover, but will tolerate a neutral soil.I doubt you will come across this in most garden centres and will have to diligently search the lists of specialist nurseries to acquire it!This is the only species in the genus, but there are a number of distinct named forms, some with double flowers and various flower colours.Now, this is a plant that I have rarely seen in gardens.

It prefers a well drained, dry position in full sun and flowers through the summer.

It produces an abundance of seed and these should be sown as soon ripe; it has naturalized freely in a number of my gritty raised beds They are mainly spring and summer flowering, liking a good, well-drained soil and a position in full sun. montana comes from the Alps of Central and Southern Europe where it cascades from narrow crevices and fissures over rocks.

In the garden it looks spectacular tumbling over a raised bed or wall where it will soon attain a spread of 60 cm or more, and is therefore suited only to the largest of troughs.

The genus is collectively known as the stonecresses.

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They originate from sunny limestone mountainsides in Europe and West Asia, especially Turkey. There is also Allium is a very large genus of around 750 species and includes the various edible onions, garlics, chives, and leeks.

Here is an excellent plant for a hot dry position in a raised bed or wall.