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20-Oct-2020 22:34

The 11 tips below discuss how business communication relates to dating – what you can learn from the romantic world of social business.

This is the obvious takeaway from Michael Brenner’s above statement.

I don’t even know you.’” Obviously there must be something more to the analogy of dating and business communication than just a playful and catchy slogan. What useful advice can we take from our dating experience?He said: “It may sound like I’m talking about dating, but that is another often-used analogy for social business.Too many companies are out shopping for a spouse and jumping right to the big question of ‘will you marry me?Even though hard time limits seem a bit out of order, there is some truth to it.

If you haven’t decided whether or not you want to continue dating someone, feeling harassed into a decision will probably turn into a “no.” Giving time to ponder might get you curious for another meeting.

The more serious you are about a date, the more thought and consideration you will put into choosing your partner.