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Mistress will sometimes have me wear this under my clothes. Even though I was naked, it didn't seem at all out of place. She attached a leash to my balls harness and roughly pulls on it indicating that I should follow her.I was engaged with everyone else at the table in witty banter when all of a sudden Mistress comes up to me, grabs me by the ear, pulls me to my feet and begins to scold me for something. She leads me into a room and on the far wall there are three hooks.That being said, we love hearing your thoughts, opinions, praise and critiques. I hope you enjoy what you see and read and I would love to have your comments, questions and suggestions. Over the past few days, I've had punishment spankings on my mind.Not fantasies (well not all fantasies), not questioning it use or importance in my life with Mistress K.

I’d emailed numerous bloggers asking them to take a chance on a self-published book. Expletive, cuss word, expletive, that woman can write! Jesus, and then I was like: And more pages happened and finally, after picking my heart back up and stuffing it back into my chest, I wanted to message Katie Miller and tell her her one hunch was wrong, but I was too busy being all this: But the most important thing to note — that “OMG I CAN GO ON IN LIFE!It’s like watching a movie through every word to where you end up rocking in a corner somewhere while squeezing your ereader/book, not quite sure if you want to leave her world to rejoin whatever you perceive as reality. ” moment – was this: Today I logged on to Amazon to check on my novels because: 1) I’m perpetually curious about my ranking (it’s like some sort of validation to my worth as an author) and, 2) as much as I advise others to ignore reviews, I still look. This is not the first time reviews have disappeared.Tales of a very happily married couple living, loving and growing in a loving FLM in suburbia.

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A very lucky submissive husband that was collared on his 15th wedding anniversary.

I told her about it briefly and we haven't had any time alone to discuss it further other than for her to say "I like the sound of that wall".