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In Miracles of Easter: Unveiling the Story of the Cross, William Nicholson dives into two of the six miracles of Easter to reveal how the two events—the open graves and the revivals to life in the Calvary graveyard—help to clarify the meaning and purpose of our Savior's suffering. it’s about humbling your heart and being open to meeting people where they are.Read Now Hospitality is not about fancy dinners and great impressions . It’s exactly what Christ did for us, and we have the privilege of following His example.Read Now Words spoken by Jesus on a mountainside over 2,000 years ago in His Sermon on the Mount encouraged godly living.Just over 100 years ago, Oswald Chambers presented Bible studies on these profound truths that help us understand that this starts when we humble ourselves and allow God to remake us from the inside out....While working in France at the time of Becquerel’s discovery, they became very interested in his work.They too suspected that a uranium ore, known as pitchblende, contained other radioactive elements.

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Today many artificial radioactive materials are produced and put to use in various ways ranging from medical to industrial.In this excerpt of Every Day Is a New Shade of Blue: Comfort for Dark Days from Psalm 23, author David Roper takes a closer look at the relationship between the Shepherd and the sheep expressed throughout Scripture....